Boston Marathon- A News Review


ABC News propaganda reads: The narrator says the message in a booming, scary voice, (In bold red lettering) TERROR AT THE BOSTON MARATHON!!! Reminiscent of the events of 911, people running in the streets, screaming, smoke wafting through the air… The message the media wants you to get, is to BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! They want you to beg your government to take away your freedoms so that you can feel more secure.

During the unfolding of the Boston Marathon bombing, authorities instructed citizens to stay off their cell phones, as they may trigger another explosion. Bomb squads later found several undetonated devices and dismantled them. However, it was reported that just prior to the explosion that DHS was conducting an explosives exercise. Coincidence? Perhaps, but then we remember events like Sandy Hook, and how DHS was there prior to the shootings. If DHS comes to my home town, I’m running the hell out!

Following the event, President Obama made a speech in which he called for increased security across the nation, and stated that he has called for use of Department of Homeland Security resources and told Janet Napolitano to start making preparations. Typically following the events of mass shootings, we see a call for more legislation. Take for example, recent registration laws, AR-15 magazine bans, confiscation of Veteran’s firearms, etc. The point is, that quite often following a tragic event… there is almost always a call for more legislation. Should we hold our breath to see what legislation the Boston event will prompt? Could we see an extension of the Patriot Act, calling for mass surveillance of all U.S. citizens cell phones? The Defense Budget has been up for review lately, and events such as this would certainly prompt an increase in spending, would they not?

Many theories are already coming out; the first, as expected… blaming the Muslim community. Other reports say it was a “Patriot Group,” or perhaps even “Anarchists.” 9-11 had organizations wrongly racially profiling, and it is still happening today. Now more and more groups are being labeled as “terrorists,” being pooled into that label whatever they may be.

But how can we forget New York Times articles such as this: “FBI FOILS FBI TERROR PLOT.” There have been several cases lately where things just don’t add up. Recently in the James Holmes shooting, where in fact witnesses saw not one shooter, but TWO. There were many questions for the investigators, but the answers the gave always seemed to change; it was never the same story twice. The whole event smells like project MK Ultra from decades ago.

Then there was the supposed “Anarchist group,” setting the bridge bomb near the Cleveland, Ohio area. Later, it was exposed that these people were mentally ill, and set up to take the fall by the FBI. An FBI agent told members of this supposed group, that he could provide them with the explosives they needed. Many of the “criminal masterminds” behind these attacks never seem to be, well… “masterminds” at all! They tend to be suggestible, mentally ill persons, under drug-induced hypnosis.

Now taking a glance into the world of political powers; not too long ago, we have statements from Donald Rumsfeld, other politicians, and news reporters calling for another 9-11 to unify the people, and get them to become more or less submissive to the Government. If you’ve been living under a rock the past decade or so, you still may think that Big Brother loves you, wants you to be happy, and would never lie to you; but if you are one of the many that are no longer buy this bullshit… then you may have been watching the news a little bit more closely, and not swallowing the apathy pills they’ve been selling. So keep yourselves informed and be prepared to see new legislation arise from these “terrorist attacks.” Remember, those that would give up their freedom for security deserve neither and will have none.


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