Freedom Under Pressure In Boston- Prosthetic Leg Falls Off!!! Updated 4/25/2013

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The Victory Hour

Updated 4/22/2013 with the most damning evidence yet of a False Flag Event. After comparing the side by side photos below I am COMPLETELY convinced this was staged! The darker and less detailed photo was a still taken from an ABC news clip (see video and explanation below- view still at 9:12). There is beyond any doubt a definite altering of video/photos going on here. THIS WAS STAGED! SHARE EVERYWHERE!


TV fakery 3

OOPS!!!!! Looks like you lost your leg there Mr. Bauman, won’t you let me help you put it back on? Video below at 3:14

Baumans leg falls off

This gentleman here zooms in for you a little more clearly.

Amputee actors used for military drills.

A guy smacks two pads over the tops these people’s heads to make movie magic and a lot of dust at the Boston Bombing.  Skip to about 2:45 Unbelievable.

Man in…

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