Are You Really Paranoid? -A critical analysis of martial law and FEMA camps.

internment officer

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Over the past few months, a lot of well-to-do investors have been dumping their stocks and gold prices have been dropping; but of course someone is buying it. A lot of money is being moved, and recently Barrack Obama signed an executive order to exempt himself and his cronies from insider trading laws that might otherwise put them in jail (see below). The executive order essentially reverses the crucial parts of the Stock Act which Obama previously signed. How did this happen you ask? Well, that is an excellent question isn’t it? The original stock act was signed during a press conference, while the reversal was signed behind closed doors. These things should no longer be surprising to you if you’ve been paying attention. Profits come before people in this now very apparent culture of corporate fascism; this is no longer a democracy, but instead is well on its way to becoming a complete dictatorship.

Obama signs Stock Act Reversal

So what does this all mean? Well, if you remember how in 2008 there was a devastating market crash… there was also a large buy-up immediately following it. Many companies that were essentially ruined by the crash were bought out by giant corporations that could take a hit… once they were bought out, some either became absorbed or killed completely for greater control of market share. I know I may end up generalizing some points, but there will be much information to cover. So my main point is the control of wealth. It is no secret that China, India, and other economies are growing rapidly; especially since they are willing to work harder, with longer hours, and for far less pay. You already have the Euro Zone, and plans for other region-based economies, and of course there is a rumor of the “North American Union.” Essentially this would be a move to combine, North and South America, as well as Canada.

But how does this all happen? First you need to get everyone to along with it. This is the biggest roadblock in the way right now. The gun anti-gun bills Obama has been trying to pass have failed, so that of course is good for the second amendment; however, in my opinion, Boston martial law was a test to see what level of tyranny people will tolerate… and they seemed to tolerate it without question, as well as cheering when it was all said and done. Creating a situation in which people would accept a “North American Union” would require an engineered collapse of the economy. 2008 was a test to see what they could get away with. The next step is likely to be a complete collapse; of course one that would be engineered. A major crisis is introduced, the people demand salvation from their government, and they come in with a solution. Now this seems like it could be one of two things… a region-based currency (an Amero-type currency?) or perhaps they will skip all that and go straight to electronic currency, easier to control. There already seems to be legislation in the Obamacare Bill (interpretational speculation) calling for “chipping.” How this would be done… well we can speculate. But if the collapse does occur, there would undoubtedly be martial law.

North American Union (CNN) and RFID chips

Amero: Fact or Fiction

So what happens after the economy collapses? Well, before we can get to that, let’s look back into some history; on October 29, 1929, the U.S. Stock Market crashed on a day that would come to be known as “Black Tuesday.” For those that aren’t aware of their history, this was the beginning of the Great Depression. J.P. Morgan, having tremendous financial influence in both politics and banking, began spreading rumors that local banks were insolvent and that they were about to collapse. This caused mass panic, and all at once, people attempted to pull out all their money out of the banks at the same time; of course when the banks couldn’t give them all their money, they collapsed. International trade dropped to about 50% and unemployment was roughly 25%. So a situation was engineered in which a solution would be provided. The solution of course, being the Federal Reserve Act.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

Riots Following the Great Depression

Following a collapse, there will be riots, food may be scarce, and money worthless. To control complete chaos and the angry mobs, the National Guard, police, other military, and of course the Department of Homeland Security will be utilized to control the rioters. But why is the DHS buying up billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and armored trucks? Simply because of the fact that DHS is NOT an external military force, but a domestic one… the only possible rationalization is they are for use on American Citizens. But which ones? Lately the U.S. Government has been expanding its definition of terrorists and enemy combatants; freely labeling hackers, dissidents, anarchists, and “right-wingers” as political extremists, and even outright calling some of these people “terrorists.” We have to wonder how a nation built on the principles of freedom could destroy seekers of truth such as Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Brandon Raub for example; having labeled these men as “treasonous,” or even “terrorists” in the eyes of top law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Military.

Recently, it was reported that a high ranking military official source leaked information about a new presidential “Litmus Test;” which more or less is a questionnaire for military personnel, asking if they’d fire on their own U.S. countrymen. These efforts were made in order to see where a soldiers loyalties lie, and a “house-cleaning” measure to fill the military with more obedient drones (please see the Youtube link below). If you think your government wouldn’t shoot its own citizens, think again. People may be quick to forget May 4th 1970 (known as “May Day”), when the Ohio National Guard fired on anti-war protesters at Kent State University.

Kent State University- May Day

KSU shooting

Obama asks if soldiers would fire on American Citizens

DHS Buys Up Billions of Hollow Points and Armored Trucks

So what happens next? Where is this all leading? In a 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent, he discusses the socialist concepts of “demoralization” and “ideological subversion.” Though several decades old, this interview is still incredibly relevant and shockingly accurate as to what seems to be taking place in America today.

Yuri Bezmenov: There is a great possibility that the system will be destroyed from within. There is a self-destructive mechanism built into any communist, socialist or fascist system. Because there is lack of feedback, and the system does not rely on the loyalty of the population; but until this soviet junta is being supported, by the so called “Western Imperialists;” that is, multinational companies, establishments, governments, and let’s face it… intellectuals. So called “Academia” is famous for supporting the Soviet System. As long as the Soviet Junta will keep on receiving credits, money, technology, grain deals, and political recognition from all these traitors of Democracy or freedom… there is no hope, there is not much hope for changes in my country. The system will not collapse by itself, simply because it is being nourished by so called “American Imperialism.” It is the greatest paradox in the history of mankind, when a capitalist world, supports and actively nourishes its own destroyer.

Griffin: I think you’re trying to tell us something…

Yuri: Oh, yes. I am trying to tell you that it has to be stopped unless you want to end up in a gulag system, and enjoy all the “advantages” of Socialist “equality.” Working for free, catching fleas on your body, sleeping on the planks of plywood. … This is where Americans will belong, unless they force the government to stop aiding Soviet Fascism.

Many have made claims that our country is heading towards a Socialist/Marxist government peppered with a heavy dose of corporate fascism, Obama being at the helm. Over the past several years, increasingly draconian laws have been passed to restrict the freedoms of Americans. The original attack on freedom began following September 11th, 2001 with the Patriot Act. This of course called for illegal wiretaps and various other questionable types of monitoring. The most infamous of these tyrannical laws include: H.R. 347, effectively criminalizing protests in and around political events- offenders can be charged with a felony. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Act- allowing for complete control of all food, livestock, water, plants, health resources, energy, transportation, construction materials, and also gives the government the ability to control any material (including applicable services) in the civilian market during times of war and peace. The worst of these laws, would of course be the Nationals Detention Authorization Act, allowing for the indefinite detention of any persons can be detained for any suspected link to terrorism, without due process of law.

Readiness Exercise 1984 (Rex 84) is perhaps one of the most disconcerting military operations. Following Iran Contra, the military conducted an exercise to test its ability to detain U.S. citizens in response to civil disturbances, political demonstrations, protests, riots, and other events that may hinder the continuity of the U.S. Government. A 1982 memo by the director of FEMA at that time stated that martial law would be declared in a time of national crisis. What the plan failed to mention, is what would constitute as a “national crisis.” During that time, FEMA would be given command of both U.S. State and Federal Governments., and military commanders would replace elected officials. Rex 84 also called for the rounding up roughly 20 million African Americans, but why? At the time, they were considered to be a major threat of government continuity. Government officials felt threatened by African American political groups such as the Black Panthers and other outspoken civil rights activist groups. Now, there seems to be a much broader range of inclusion in usage of the term “terrorist.” Of course we can really only speculate, but if the U.S. Government were to redefine the scope of threats to its continuity, one could easily make the assumption that the list would be quite large.

In discussing internment and concentration camps, many immediately think of the Holocaust. Krystal Nacht in Germany, the “Night of Glass,” is a reminder to us that no one is safe;  in the middle of the night, roughly 30,000 Jews were taken from their homes and put into death camps. However, Nazi Germany isn’t the only place that has had internment camps; shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, 110,000 people of Japanese heritage were interned in U.S. military camps on the Pacific Coast. 62% of these people were in fact U.S. citizens. It cannot be argued that the mass-murder of native Americans has been an on-going atrocity, and that the majority of them were forced to live on reservations, where they subject to abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, poor education, and high suicide rates. Of course, I could continue on about African American murder and enslavement by the U.S. Imperialistic regime, but we have much more information to cover.

U.S. Internment Camps-1942, Western Seaboard

1942 internment camps

Japanese Internment Camp

japanese interment camp

Continuing on with the Bezmenov interview, G. Edward Griffin asks Yuri what would be the fate of the older generations of Americans. In the full interview (see link at the bottom of the page), Bezmenov explains the role of education and the injection of socialist principles.

Griffin: …And yet these people have programmed, and as you say “in place,” and are favorable to an opening with the Soviet concept, these are the very people that would be marked for extermination?

Yuri: Most of them, uh… yes. Simply because, the psychological shock that they will see in the future, what the “beautiful society of equality and social justice” means in practice, obviously they will revolt. …The Marxist/Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously, they will join the leagues of dissenters and dissidents. Unlike the United States now, there will be no place for dissenters in the future Marxist/Leninist America. …In the future, these dissidents will be merely squashed like cockroaches. Nobody will pay these people for their beautiful dreams of equality, and this of course will be the greatest shock to them.

…The demoralization process in America is basically completed already. …Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to process true information. Facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, authentic proof; documents, pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him the concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes his balls, then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic situation of demoralization.

Russian Concentration Camp for Children of Political Prisoners

USSR childrens prison camp-for children of political prisoners

…Even if you start right now at this very minute, it will take 15 to 20 years to begin to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism.

So, Bezmenov brings up a very interesting point; Americans, even after being presented with information and concrete evidence will not typically accept it if it conflicts with their traditional way of thinking or if it goes against what they were taught in school. This could also be called “cognitive dissonance.” The more horrific the idea, the less likely it will seem to be believable. You might say that all of this is complete nonsense; and if I hadn’t seen the following advertisement, I might agree… Most recently, the United States Army has listed positions for interment/resettlement officers on their web page (see headline photo-link below). Here are some of the specs and job descriptions from the site:


Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.

Job Duties

  • Supervision of confinement and detention operations
  • External security to facilities
  • Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
  • Records of prisoners/internees and their programs


Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you.


Job training for an internment/resettlement specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and in the field.

Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

  • Military laws and jurisdictions
  • Self-defense and use of firearms
  • Interpersonal communications skills
  • Search/restraint and custody/control procedures

Helpful Skills

  • Interest in law enforcement
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Remain calm under heavy duress

Now while this may not be a seemingly noticeable concern at first, the story continues to unfold. Now this is the point where we will begin to delve deep into the realm of so called “conspiracy theories;” so at this point let me just make it very clear, I will do my best not to make baseless judgements, and will try to present as much evidence as possible. Please, always do your own research and never take anyone’s word for anything.  As the saying goes, “trust, but verify.” Or rather never trust, but always verify seems like far better advice.

Recently following the Boston Marathon Bombing, a complete lock down of the entire city ensued. Military police, SWAT teams, and numerous other forms of law enforcement forced the entire city of Boston to stay in their homes for an entire day, behind locked doors.  I think anyone would easily agree that this was a total abuse of power and completely unnecessary. The authorities were after one single, solitary suspect, and called in excessive amounts of law enforcement for just one man. All businesses, transit, and virtually everything else was shut down that day. This was not the worst of it though; police were videotaped removing homeowners from their houses at gunpoint without warrants. They were seen banging on doors and pointing guns in people’s faces, shouting at them, telling them to put their hands on their heads and stand in the streets quietly while officers searched their homes.

Martial Law in Boston

At this point we can only make various different assumptions, but the evidence cannot be ignored. First of all, let’s review what we already know. DHS has admittedly acknowledged the purchase of billions of rounds of hollow point bullets, as well as light armored trucks for obvious domestic use, as there can be no other intended purpose for a domestic security force. Next we have established the fact that the U.S. Army is indeed hiring internment/resettlement officers. Furthermore, there are already executive orders in place that allow for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, as well as the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act allowing for a total state of  undeclared martial law in war or peace time, solely at the president’s own discretion. This of course was apparent in the lock down of Boston. Obama even called for the involvement of DHS forces to step up security nationwide, and gave Janet Napolitano complete support to take necessary “precautions” across the country. Also, let’s not forget that Obama has been testing the loyalty of military personnel, by asking them if they’d fire on U.S. citizens. First and foremost, high ranking military officials not willing to comply, would obviously be relieved of their positions and replaced by more “willing” participants of a totalitarian dictatorship.

If that’s not reason enough to be worried, there’s more troubling information ahead. An amendment to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, allows for the Administrator of FEMA “to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.”

“In the anticipated event of a “mass fatality”, coordination and planning must be forefront of FEMA with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as referred by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI). In the event that the Executive Branch or Congress declares a mass disaster caused by nature, a domestic terrorist attack, or any other man-made catastrophe, there must be a national plan to prepare for and respond to the incident.”

“Elected officials assume that in such an event, funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries would be overwhelmed should millions of Americans suddenly die in a tragic event. There must also be allowances for survivors of such an event.”

“Representatives from local and state governments must coordinate with federal agencies, private sector businesses, non-profit organizations and appropriate individuals to prepare and respond to an incident wherein mass casualties occur.”

Furthermore, there have been reports, photographs, and videos taken of large-scale, temporary, mass-grave sites. One site in particular was filled with hundreds of thousands of reinforced plastic coffins, presumably for use in cremation. When inquiring about these plastic containers, initial responses were that these were used as “casket liners.” First of all, had they been “casket liners,” they’d have had a rounded top and not a flat and stackable lid, as the ones in the video below will clearly display. Now of course we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but what private organization could have a use for 500,000 plus stackable cremation coffins? Surely not any single mortuary or funeral home; and if you want to argue that it is just a surplus of a private manufacturer, that would seem completely absurd. We have to assume that these would be used for a large-scale national crisis.

Stackable plastic FEMA Caskets

Over the past few months there has been increasing rumors of Nuclear strikes and biological weapons attacks. Of course these are speculation, but lately we have been having unconfirmed sources saying that events like Boston and the recent explosion in Waco were just a small taste of things to come.

Rumors of Nuclear Strikes

FEMA casket 1

FEMA casket 2

FEMA casket 3

Bezmenov says that there are more or less four stages in the collapse of a government; first is demoralization, which in his opinion was already completed long ago and is an on-going process. Second is destabilization… this is the part where everyone should pay very close attention, especially in relation to the events of the past five years in regards to economics.

Having previously studied finances, being involved in most types of insurance products, and closing personal loans at a major bank, I can say with confidence that the bailout of 2008 was nothing in comparison to what is going to come. Having had the privilege of listening to world-renowned economist, and congressional advisor Leonard Renier, I can tell you that he was scared when speaking about the future of the economy. He seemed to be more scared for everyone in the room, than he was himself. He told us that we could not even begin to fathom the changes that are about to unfold. As I am sure most of you are not familiar with Mr. Renier, he is an author of numerous financial planning books, sales techniques, and accurately predicted the economic turmoil of 2008. Also, he is one of the few people that have actually read the Obamacare bill, when in fact members of congress decided to forgo reading the document themselves; after which, he was asked to advise them of its contents. So now, back to the notion of “destabilization;” which in my opinion, we are in this current phase and quickly approaching the next.

Bezmenov: This time the subverter does not care about your ideas or the patterns of your consumption; whether you eat junk food and get fat and flabby, doesn’t matter anymore. This time (and it only takes two to five years to destabilize a nation), what matters is essentials; economy, foreign relations, defense systems.

The next stage of course is crisis. It may take only six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis.

And after crisis, with a violent change of the power structure and economy, you have a so called period of “normalization.” This will last indefinitely. “Normalization” is a cynical term borrowed from Soviet propaganda.

Bezmenov goes on to explain that the military may be moved into place to control the situation, or rather, “normalize” it. The new government power will promise a beautiful new world, but will eliminate the principal of free-market competition, and to put a Big-Brother government in place. He says it will be run by benevolent dictators; and such seems to be the case with our current disaster-in-chief; an initial glance might coerce one to believe a presumably amiable nature… a family man; however, after spending just a few moments doing Google searches, anyone will find quite quickly the laundry list of unconstitutional executive orders signed by our great dictator, Barrack Hussein Obama.



The Document these snapshots were taken from is titled ‘Internment and Resettlement Operations;” and considering that the Army has been advertising for internment officers, there can be no doubt that this is in fact reason for legitimate concern and that the camps do in fact exist. The overall intention would seem less than benevolent. The camps in question are in fact to be constructed within U.S. Territory (many already are), and specifically addresses the detainment of U.S. Citizens (pg. 146-Identification).  This section of the document calls for registration by photo, social security numbers, and fingerprints. The document also calls for other biometric data collection, such as Iris scans, DNA samples, and even voice recognition data collection (pg. 291).

Download Document here:


The snapshot above shows how detainees are to be treated upon arrival. They will essentially be screened and or interrogated at the discretion of trained officers. Furthermore, each detainee is to be “restrained” by Military Police prior to screening.



The document also makes frequent references to preventing “subversive action” or escape attempts by detainees, and authorizes deadly force if necessary. This should clearly indicate that these are in fact prison camps. Agencies that may take part in the management of the detainment facilities include: FEMA, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the United Nations.

Page 56 outlines the use of Psychological Operations Officers, their use of “Psyop Products” (drugs) to “pacify” or “acclimate,” detainees. Also, these officers are given the authority to use “indoctrination techniques.”


Later on page 281, the document calls for the pacification of the internment population by use of any and all necessary available resources, which may include: pacification products, propaganda, themes, symbols, and other previous Psyop program usage. It even call for the “testing” of Psyop products.

Page 244 calls for the use of “Designated Marksmen” (snipers) with rifles and high-powered scopes to scan the crowd for agitators and use lethal force if necessary during riots.


This next photo (pg.260), shows the layout of a basic detainment facility. It contains multiple compartments sectioned off by barbed wire fencing at each location. They hold an average of 4000 detainees and contain a mortuary, visitation locations, tribunal headquarters, and interrogation chambers. The facility displays 24 guard towers, each one is mobile and collapsible.

detainment facility

Pg. 262 shows facilities used for “Non-compliant Prisoners.” These facilities house 300 prisoners, 3 interrogation centers, and are overseen by 13 guard towers.

non-compliant prisoners

Transportation to these facilities will include, but are not limited to; trains, airplanes, buses, and helicopters. Each of these vehicles will have armed guards to prevent riots or escapes.

detainee bus

detainee cargo bus

helicopter detainees


railway detainees

I know there have been many rumors going around about Guillotines and FEMA trains with shackles in them, but so far I have seen no evidence for these things, and they remain rumors. The above information is more than enough reason for concern and you should definitely be interested at this point, as to why the U.S government would have reason to have a reported amount of 800 FEMA camps ready for operation (see list further below).

So, ultimately we can only speculate until we see the events unfold in there entirety… but if anything is certain, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I might have more confidence in the American Government had they less experience in the destabilization of other countries besides itself, and even more still if it wasn’t so obviously trying to remove the personal constitutional freedoms of every individual.  So do I really believe that Uncle Sam has a plastic coffin ready for me? Well, I won’t say one way or the other, but given the facts, you can make your own judgments. Whatever you do, please don’t be naive and say that your government would never kill you; many governments have a track record of large-scale democide. Or rather, large-scale murder of a government’s own citizens.

Top 10 Examples of Democide




Here is an unconfirmed list of FEMA camps. I made an attempt to research several of these. Most do not state their use as a FEMA facility, so it will be difficult to confirm them; perhaps I will make an attempt to do further research on this later, although I honestly see no point. If the federal government has the desire to set up camps, this could be done virtually anywhere and on short notice. Realistically speaking, any enclosed and secure facility could be used as a temporary holding facility for dissidents and political prisoners; ideally these locations would have road, train, and in some cases, even airplane runways.


Where are these camps?

Opelika – Military compound either in or very near town.
Aliceville – WWII German POW camp – capacity 15,000
Ft. McClellan (Anniston) – Opposite side of town from Army Depot;
Maxwell AFB (Montgomery) – Civilian prison camp established under
Operation Garden Plot, currently operating with support staff and small inmate population.
Talladega – Federal prison “satellite” camp.

Wilderness – East of Anchorage. No roads, Air & Railroad access only. Estimated capacity of 500,000
Elmendorf AFB – Northeast area of Anchorage – far end of base. Garden
Plot facility.
Eielson AFB – Southeast of Fairbanks. Operation Garden Plot facility.
Ft. Wainwright – East of Fairbanks

Ft. Huachuca – 20 miles from Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales Rex ’84 facility.
Pinal County – on the Gila River – WWII Japanese detention camp. May be renovated.
Yuma County – Colorado River – Site of former Japanese detention camp (near proving grounds). This site was completely removed in 1990 according to some reports.
Phoenix – Federal Prison Satellite Camp. Main federal facility expanded.
Florence – WWII prison camp NOW RENOVATED, OPERATIONAL with
staff & 400 prisoners, operational capacity of 3,500.
Wickenburg – Airport is ready for conversion; total capacity unknown.
Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson) – Fully staffed and presently holding
Sedona – site of possible UN base.

Jerome – Chicot/Drew Counties – site of WWII Japanese camps
Rohwer – Descha County – site of WWII Japanese camps
Blythville AFB – Closed airbase now being used as camp. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. Classic decorations – guard towers, barbed wire, high fences.
Berryville – FEMA facility located east of Eureka Springs off Hwy. 62.
Omaha – Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.

Vandenburg AFB – Rex 84 facility, located near Lompoc & Santa Maria. Internment facility is located near the oceanside, close to Space Launch Complex #6, also called “Slick Six”. The launch site has had “a flawless failure record” and is rarely used.
Norton AFB – (closed base) now staffed with UN according to some sources.
Tule Lake – area of “wildlife refuge”, accessible by unpaved road, just inside Modoc County.
Fort Ord – Closed in 1994, this facility is now an urban warfare training center for US and foreign troops, and may have some “P.O.W. – C.I.” enclosures.
Twentynine Palms Marine Base – Birthplace of the infamous “Would you shoot American citizens?” Quiz. New camps being built on “back 40”.
Oakdale – Rex 84 camp capable of holding at least 20,000 people. 90 mi. East of San Francisco.
Terminal Island – (Long Beach) located next to naval shipyards operated by ChiCom shipping interests. Federal prison facility located here. Possible deportation point.
Ft. Irwin – FEMA facility near Barstow. Base is designated inactive but has staffed camp.
McClellan AFB – facility capable for 30,000 – 35,000
Sacramento – Army Depot – No specific information at this time.
Mather AFB – Road to facility is blocked off by cement barriers and a stop sign. Sign states area is restricted; as of 1997 there were barbed wire fences pointing inward, a row of stadium lights pointed toward an empty field, etc. Black boxes on poles may have been cameras.

Trinidad – WWII German/Italian camp being renovated.
Granada – Prowers County – WWII Japanese internment camp
Ft. Carson – Along route 115 near Canon City

No data available.

Avon Park – Air Force gunnery range, Avon Park has an on-base “correctional facility” which was a former WWII detention camp.
Camp Krome – DoJ detention/interrogation center, Rex 84 facility
Eglin AFB – This base is over 30 miles long, from Pensacola to Hwy 331 in De Funiak Springs. High capacity facility, presently manned and populated with some prisoners.
Pensacola – Federal Prison Camp
Everglades – It is believed that a facility may be carved out of the wilds here.

Ft. Benning – Located east of Columbus near Alabama state line. Rex 84 site – Prisoners brought in via Lawson Army airfield.
Ft. Mc Pherson – US Force Command – Multiple reports that this will be the national headquarters and coordinating center for foreign/UN troop movement and detainee collection.
Ft. Gordon – West of Augusta – No information at this time.
Unadilla – Dooly County – Manned, staffed FEMA prison on route 230, no prisoners.
Oglethorpe – Macon County; facility is located five miles from Montezuma, three miles from Oglethorpe. This FEMA prison has no staff and no prisoners.
Morgan – Calhoun County, FEMA facility is fully manned & staffed – no prisoners.
Camilla – Mitchell County, south of Albany. This FEMA facility is located on Mt. Zion Rd approximately 5.7 miles south of Camilla. Unmanned – no prisoners, no staff.
Hawkinsville – Wilcox County; Five miles east of town, fully manned and staffed but no prisoners. Located on fire road 100/Upper River Road
Abbeville – South of Hawkinsville on US route 129; south of town off route 280 near Ocmulgee River. FEMA facility is staffed but without prisoners.
McRae – Telfair County – 1.5 miles west of McRae on Hwy 134 (8th St). Facility is on Irwinton Avenue off 8th St., manned & staffed – no prisoners.
Fort Gillem – South side of Atlanta – FEMA designated detention facility.
Fort Stewart – Savannah area – FEMA designated detention facility

Halawa Heights area – Crematory facility located in hills above city. Area is marked as a state department of health laboratory.
Barbers Point NAS – There are several military areas that could be equipped for detention / deportation.
Honolulu – Detention transfer facility at the Honolulu airport similar in construction to the one in.Oklahoma (pentagon-shaped building where airplanes can taxi up to).

Minidoka/Jerome Counties – WWII Japanese-American internment facility possibly under renovation.
Clearwater National Forest – Near Lolo Pass – Just miles from the Montana state line near Moose Creek, this unmanned facility is reported to have a nearby airfield.
Wilderness areas – Possible location. No data.

Marseilles – Located on the Illinois River off Interstate 80 on Hwy 6. It is a relatively small facility with a cap of 1400 prisoners. Though it is small it is designed like prison facilities with barred windows, but the real smoking gun is the presence of military vehicles. Being located on the Illinois River it is possible that prisoners will be brought in by water as well as by road and air. This facility is approximately 75 miles west of Chicago. National Guard training area nearby.
Scott AFB – Barbed wire prisoner enclosure reported to exist just off-base. More info needed, as another facility on-base is beieved to exist.
Pekin – This Federal satellite prison camp is also on the Illinois River, just south of Peoria. It supplements the federal penitentiary in Marion, which is equipped to handle additional population outside on the grounds.
Chanute AFB – Rantoul, near Champaign/Urbana – This closed base had WWII – era barracks that were condemned and torn down, but the medical facility was upgraded and additional fencing put up in the area. More info needed.
Marion – Federal Penitentiary and satellite prison camp inside Crab Orchard Nat’l Wildlife Refuge. Manned, staffed, populated fully.
Greenfield – Two federal correctional “satellite prison camps” serving Marion – populated as above.
Shawnee National Forest – Pope County – This area has seen heavy traffic of foreign military equipment and troops via Illinois Central Railroad, which runs through the area. Suspected location is unknown, but may be close to Vienna and Shawnee correctional centers, located 6 mi. west of Dixon Springs.
Savanna Army Depot – NW area of state on Mississippi River.
Lincoln, Sheridan, Menard, Pontiac, Galesburg – State prison facilities equipped for major expansion and close or adjacent to highways & railroad tracks.
Kankakee – Abandoned industrial area on west side of town (Rt.17 & Main) designated as FEMA detention site. Equipped with water tower, incinerator, a small train yard behind it and the rear of the facility is surrounded by barbed wire facing inwards.

Indianapolis / Marion County – Amtrak railcar repair facility (closed); controversial site of a major alleged detention / processing center. Although some sources state that this site is a “red herring”, photographic and video evidence suggests otherwise. This large facility contains large 3-4 inch gas mains to large furnaces (crematoria??), helicopter landing pads, railheads for prisoners, Red/Blue/Green zones for classifying/processing incoming personnel, one-way turnstiles, barracks, towers, high fences with razor wire, etc. Personnel with government clearance who are friendly to the patriot movement took a guided tour of the facility to confirm this site. This site is located next to a closed refrigeration plant facility.
Ft. Benjamin Harrison – Located in the northeast part of Indianapolis, this base has been decomissioned from “active” use but portions are still ideally converted to hold detainees. Helicopter landing areas still exist for prisoners to be brought in by air, land & rail.
Crown Point – Across street from county jail, former hospital. One wing presently being used for county work-release program, 80% of facility still unused. Possible FEMA detention center or holding facility.
Camp Atterbury – Facility is converted to hold prisoners and boasts two active compounds presently configured for minumum security detainees. Located just west of Interstate 65 near Edinburgh, south of Indianapolis.
Terre Haute – Federal Correctional Institution, Satellite prison camp and death facility. Equipped with crematoria reported to have a capacity of 3,000 people a day. FEMA designated facility located here.
Fort Wayne – This city located in Northeast Indiana has a FEMA designated detention facility, accessible by air, road and nearby rail.
Kingsbury – This “closed” military base is adjacent to a state fish & wildlife preserve. Part of the base is converted to an industrial park, but the southern portion of this property is still used. It is bordered on the south by railroad, and is staffed with some foreign-speaking UN troops. A local police officer who was hunting and camping close to the base in the game preserve was accosted, roughed up, and warned by the English-speaking unit commander to stay away from the area. It was suggested to the officer that the welfare of his family would depend on his “silence”. Located just southeast of LaPorte.
Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Area – Youth Corrections farm located here. Facility is “closed”, but is still staffed and being “renovated”. Total capacity unknown.
Grissom AFB – This closed airbase still handles a lot of traffic, and has a “state-owned” prison compound on the southern part of the facility.

Jefferson Proving Grounds – Southern Indiana – This facility was an active base with test firing occuring daily. Portions of the base have been opened to create an industrial park, but other areas are still highly restricted. A camp is believed to be located “downrange”. Facility is equipped with an airfield and has a nearby rail line.
Newport – Army Depot – VX nerve gas storage facility. Secret meetings were held here in 1998 regarding the addition of the Kankakee River watershed to the Heritage Rivers Initiative.
Hammond – large enclosure identified in FEMA-designated city.

No data available.

Leavenworth – US Marshal’s Fed Holding Facility, US Penitentiary, Federal Prison Camp, McConnell Air Force Base. Federal death penalty facility.
Concordia – WWII German POW camp used to exist at this location but there is no facility there at this time.
Ft. Riley – Just north of Interstate 70, airport, near city of Manhattan.
El Dorado – Federal prison converted into forced-labor camp, UNICOR industries.
Topeka – 80 acres has been converted into a temporary holding camp.

Ashland – Federal prison camp in Eastern Kentucky near the Ohio River.
Louisville – FEMA detention facility, located near restricted area US naval ordnance plant. Military airfield located at facility, which is on south side of city.
Lexington – FEMA detention facility, National Guard base with adjacent airport facility.
Manchester – Federal prison camp located inside Dan Boone National Forest.
Ft. Knox – Detention center, possibly located near Salt River, in restricted area of base. Local patriots advise that black Special Forces & UN gray helicopters are occasionally seen in area.
Land Between the Lakes – This area was declared a UN biosphere and is an ideal geographic location for detention facilities. Area is an isthmus extending out from Tennessee, between Lake Barkley on the east and Kentucky Lake on the west. Just scant miles from Fort Campbell in Tennessee.

Ft. Polk – This is a main base for UN troops & personnel, and a training center for the disarmament of America.
Livingston – WWII German/Italian internment camp being renovated?; halfway between Baton Rouge and Hammond, several miles north of Interstate 12.
Oakdale – Located on US route 165 about 50 miles south of Alexandria; two federal detention centers just southeast of Fort Polk.

Houlton – WWII German internment camp in Northern Maine, off US Route 1.

Ft. Meade – Halfway between the District of Criminals and Baltimore. Data needed.
Ft. Detrick – Biological warfare center for the NWO, located in Frederick.

Camp Edwards / Otis AFB – Cape Cod – This “inactive” base is being converted to hold many New Englander patriots. Capacity unknown.
Ft. Devens – Active detention facility. More data needed.

Camp Grayling – Michigan Nat’l Guard base has several confirmed detention camps, classic setup with high fences, razor wire, etc. Guard towers are very well-built, sturdy. Multiple compounds within larger enclosures. Facility deep within forest area.
Sawyer AFB – Upper Peninsula – south of Marquette – No data available.
Bay City – Classic enclosure with guard towers, high fence, and close to shipping port on Saginaw Bay, which connects to Lake Huron. Could be a deportation point to overseas via St. Lawrence Seaway.
Southwest – possibly Berrien County – FEMA detention center.
Lansing – FEMA detention facility.

Duluth – Federal prison camp facility.
Camp Ripley – new prison facility.

These sites are confirmed hoaxes.
Hancock County – NASA test site
De Soto National Forest.
“These two supposed camps in Mississippi do not exist. Members of the
Mississippi Militia have checked these out on more than one occasion beginning back when they first appeared on the Internet and throughout the Patriot Movement.” – Commander D. Rayner, Mississippi Militia

Richards-Gebaur AFB – located in Grandview, near K.C.MO. A very large internment facility has been built on this base, and all base personnel are restricted from coming near it.
Ft. Leonard Wood – Situated in the middle of Mark Twain National Forest in Pulaski County. This site has been known for some UN training, also home to the US Army Urban Warfare Training school “Stem Village”.
Warsaw – Unconfirmed report of a large concentration camp facility.

Malmstrom AFB – UN aircraft groups stationed here, and possibly a detention facility.

Scottsbluff – WWII German POW camp (renovated?).
Northwest, Northeast corners of state – FEMA detention facilities – more data needed.
South Central part of state – Many old WWII sites – some may be renovated.

Elko – Ten miles south of town.
Wells – Camp is located in the O’Niel basin area, 40 miles north of Wells, past Thousand Springs, west off Hwy 93 for 25 miles.
Pershing County – Camp is located at I-80 mile marker 112, south side of the highway, about a mile back on the county road and then just off the road about 3/4mi.
Winnemucca – Battle Mountain area – at the base of the mountains.
Nellis Air Force Range – Northwest from Las Vegas on Route 95. Nellis AFB is just north of Las Vegas on Hwy 604.
Stillwater Naval Air Station – east of Reno . No additional data.

Northern New Hampshire – near Lake Francis. No additional data.

Ft. Dix / McGuire AFB – Possible deportation point for detainees. Lots of pictures taken of detention compounds and posted on Internet, this camp is well-known. Facility is now complete and ready for occupancy.

Ft. Bliss – This base actually straddles Texas state line. Just south of Alomogordo, Ft. Bliss has thousands of acres for people who refuse to go with the “New Order”.
Holloman AFB (Alomogordo)- Home of the German Luftwaffe in Amerika; major UN base. New facility being built on this base, according to recent visitors. Many former USAF buildings have been torn down by the busy and rapidly growing German military force located here.
Fort Stanton – currently being used as a youth detention facility approximately 35 miles north of Ruidoso, New Mexico. Not a great deal of information concerning the Lordsburg location.
White Sands Missile Range – Currently being used as a storage facility for United Nations vehicles and equipment. Observers have seen this material brought in on the Whitesands rail spur in Oro Grande New Mexico about thirty miles from the Texas, New Mexico Border.

Ft. Drum – two compounds: Rex 84 detention camp and FEMA detention facility.
Albany – FEMA detention facility.
Otisville – Federal correctional facility, near Middletown.
Buffalo – FEMA detention facility.

Camp Lejeune / New River Marine Airfield – facility has renovated, occupied WWII detention compounds and “mock city” that closely resembles Anytown, USA.
Fort Bragg – Special Warfare Training Center. Renovated WWII detention facility.
Andrews – Federal experiment in putting a small town under siege. Began with the search/ hunt for survivalist Eric Rudolph. No persons were allowed in or out of town without federal permission and travel through town was highly restricted. Most residents compelled to stay in their homes. Unregistered Baptist pastor from Indiana visiting Andrews affirmed these facts.

Minot AFB – Home of UN air group. More data needed on facility.

Camp Perry – Site renovated; once used as a POW camp to house German and Italian prisoners of WWII. Some tar paper covered huts built for housing these prisoners are still standing. Recently, the construction of multiple 200-man barracks have replaced most of the huts.
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus – FEMA detention facilities. Data needed.
Lima – FEMA detention facility. Another facility located in/near old stone quarry near Interstate 75. Railroad access to property, fences etc.

Tinker AFB (OKC) – All base personnel are prohibited from going near civilian detention area, which is under constant guard.
Will Rogers World Airport – FEMA’s main processing center for west of the Mississippi. All personnel are kept out of the security zone. Federal prisoner transfer center located here (A pentagon-shaped building where airplanes can taxi up to). Photos have been taken and this site will try to post soon!
El Reno – Renovated federal internment facility with CURRENT population of 12,000 on Route 66.
McAlester – near Army Munitions Plant property – former WWII German / Italian POW camp designated for future use.
Ft. Sill (Lawton) – Former WWII detention camps. More data still needed.

Sheridan – Federal prison satellite camp northwest of Salem.
Josephine County – WWII Japanese internment camp ready for renovation.
Sheridan – FEMA detention center.
Umatilla – New prison spotted.

Allenwood – Federal prison camp located south of Williamsport on the Susquehanna River. It has a current inmate population of 300, and is identified by William Pabst as having a capacity in excess of 15,000 on 400 acres.
Indiantown Gap Military Reservation – located north of Harrisburg. Used for WWII POW camp and renovated by Jimmy Carter. Was used to hold Cubans during Mariel boat lift.
Camp Hill – State prison close to Army depot. Lots of room, located in Camp Hill, Pa.
New Cumberland Army Depot – on the Susquehanna River, located off Interstate 83 and Interstate 76.
Schuylkill Haven – Federal prison camp, north of Reading.

Greenville – Unoccupied youth prison camp; total capacity unknown.
Charleston – Naval Reserve & Air Force base, restricted area on naval base.

Yankton – Federal prison camp
Black Hills Nat’l Forest – north of Edgemont, southwest part of state. WWII internment camp being renovated.

Ft. Campbell – Next to Land Between the Lakes; adjacent to airfield and US Alt. 41.
Millington – Federal prison camp next door to Memphis Naval Air Station.
Crossville – Site of WWII German / Italian prison camp is renovated; completed barracks and behind the camp in the woods is a training facility with high tight ropes and a rappelling deck.
Nashville – There are two buildings built on State property that are definitely built to hold prisoners. They are identical buildings – side by side on Old Briley Parkway. High barbed wire fence that curves inward.

Austin – Robert Mueller Municipal airport has detenion areas inside hangars.
Bastrop – Prison and military vehicle motor pool.
Eden – 1500 bed privately run federal center. Currently holds illegal aliens.
Ft. Hood (Killeen) – Newly built concentration camp, with towers, barbed wire etc., just like the one featured in the movie Amerika. Mock city for NWO shock- force training. Some footage of this area was used in “Waco: A New Revelation”
Reese AFB (Lubbock) – FEMA designated detention facility.
Sheppard AFB – in Wichita Falls just south of Ft. Sill, OK. FEMA designated detention facility.
North Dallas – near Carrolton – water treatment plant, close to interstate and railroad.
Mexia – East of Waco 33mi.; WWII German facility may be renovated.
Amarillo – FEMA designated detention facility
Ft. Bliss (El Paso) – Extensive renovation of buildings and from what patriots have been able to see, many of these buildings that are being renovated are being surrounded by razor wire.
Beaumont / Port Arthur area – hundreds of acres of federal camps already built on large-scale detention camp design, complete with the double rows of chain link fencing with razor type concertina wire on top of each row. Some (but not all) of these facilities are currently being used for low-risk state prisoners who require a minimum of supervision.
Ft. Worth – Federal prison under construction on the site of Carswell AFB.

Millard County – Central Utah – WWII Japanese camp. (Renovated?)
Ft. Douglas – This “inactive” military reservation has a renovated WWII concentration camp.
Migratory Bird Refuge – West of Brigham City – contains a WWII internment camp that was built before the game preserve was established.
Cedar City – east of city – no data available.
Wendover – WWII internment camp may be renovated.
Skull Valley – southwestern Camp William property – east of the old bombing range. Camp was accidentally discovered by a man and his son who were rabbit hunting; they were discovered and apprehended. SW of Tooele.

Ft. A.P. Hill (Fredericksburg) – Rex 84 / FEMA facility. Estimated capacity 45,000.
Petersburg – Federal satellite prison camp, south of Richmond.

Beckley – Alderson – Lewisburg – Former WWII detention camps that are now converted into active federal prison complexes capable of holding several times their current populations. Alderson is presently a women’s federal reformatory.
Morgantown – Federal prison camp located in northern WV; just north of Kingwood.
Mill Creek – FEMA detention facility.
Kingwood – Newly built detention camp at Camp Dawson Army Reservation. More data needed on Camp Dawson.

Seattle/Tacoma – SeaTac Airport: fully operational federal transfer center
Okanogan County – Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor. This is probably one of the locations that will be used to hold hard core patriots who will be held captive for the rest of their lives.
Sand Point Naval Station – Seattle – FEMA detention center used actively during the 1999 WTO protests to classify prisoners.
Ft. Lewis / McChord AFB – near Tacoma – This is one of several sites that may be used to ship prisoners overseas for slave labor.

Ft. McCoy – Rex 84 facility with several complete interment compounds.
Oxford – Central part of state – Federal prison & staellite camp and FEMA detention facility.

Heart Mountain – Park County N. of Cody – WWII Japanese interment camp ready for renovation.
Laramie – FEMA detention facility
Southwest – near Lyman – FEMA detention facility
East Yellowstone – Manned internment facility – Investigating patriots were apprehended by European soldiers speaking in an unknown language. Federal government assumed custody of the persons and arranged their release.

There are many other locations not listed above that are worthy of consideration as a possible detention camp site, but due to space limitations and the time needed to verify, could not be included here. Virtually all military reservations, posts, bases, stations, & depots can be considered highly suspect (because it is “federal” land). Also fitting this category are “Regional Airports” and “International Airports” which also fall under federal jurisdiction and have limited-access areas. Mental hospitals, closed hospitals & nursing homes, closed military bases, wildlife refuges, state prisons, toxic waste dumps, hotels and other areas all have varying degrees of potential for being a detention camp area. The likelihood of a site being suspect increases with transportation access to the site, including airports/airstrips, railheads, navigable waterways & ports, interstate and US highways. Some facilities are “disguised” as industrial or commercial properties, camouflaged or even wholly contained inside large buildings (Indianapolis) or factories. Many inner-city buildings left vacant during the de-industrialization of America have been quietly acquired and held, sometimes retrofitted for their new uses.

Our Canadian friends tell us that virtually all Canadian military bases, especially those north of the 50th Parallel, are all set up with concentration camps. Not even half of these can be listed, but here are a few sites with the massive land space to handle any population:
Suffield CFB – just north of Medicine Hat, less than 60 miles from the USA.
Primrose Lake Air Range – 70 miles northeast of Edmonton.
Wainwright CFB – halfway between Medicine Hat and Primrose Lake.
Ft. Nelson – Northernmost point on the BC Railway line.
Ft. McPherson – Very cold territory ~ NW Territories.
Ft. Providence – Located on Great Slave Lake.
Halifax – Nova Scotia. Dept. of National Defense reserve…. And others.

Guayanabo, Puerto Rico – Federal prison camp facility. Capacity unknown.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – US Marine Corps Base – Presently home to 30,000 Mariel Cubans and 40,000 Albanians. Total capacity unknown.


Some Friendly Advice

After having done all this research, the narrative gets continuously more ominous. So, rather than be caught off guard, I wanted to put together this comprehensive analysis in hopes that it would raise the awareness of others. If I am being paranoid, then so be it… but I’d rather be paranoid than dead.

I’m sure you’ve already noticed the extreme lack of jobs in the United States. We have paper pusher for paper pushers, and quite honestly the majority of the factory jobs can be even more automated than they already are. If you want to learn more about automation versus economics, research the “Gaussian Curve,” or better yet watch Jacques Fresco’s “Paradise or Oblivion” on Youtube. He is the one that started the Venus Project for a sustainable Earth. In any case, in the eyes of the rich and powerful, we are useless eaters that are easily replaceable by machines or cheaper foreign labor. Don’t think that your country NEEDS you, they don’t. I’m really not trying to scare you, but it is a situation where we are better to be prepared for the possibility of martial law, and extermination in the camps. In China, India, Mexico, people work like slaves even more so than here and know how to live with far less than most Americans do. We have all been lulled into a false sense of security. Financially speaking, the American dream of leaving beyond your means is over, it is dead… what happens next will be determined by us all. The best way to not comply is to set up as many independent and sustainable resource/food systems as you can; ones that do not rely on state or federal powers.

I just recently read an article about concentration camps. It was talking about your chances of survival once you got into one. I don’t remember all the stories, but I think that the best of the best when it came to rebellions in camps… well, only about 10 out of 1000 or so made it. In every other situation, even where there were greater numbers of escapees… the German soldiers ended up tracking them down and killing almost all of them. BOTTOM LINE, if the police/military try to get you to leave your house, RESIST, RESIST, RESIST… with every breath you have, and DON’T BE TAKEN ALIVE! Your chances of survival will likely be next to nill. Once you’re in the camps, you’re as good as dead. Remember the Nazis may have officially lost the war, but during “Operation Paperclip” many of them were relocated to the United States and put under new projects.

Things to Consider

-Transportation to FEMA Camps will likely occur by either railway or large buses.

-You’ll be told you need to be  relocated due to outbreak of illness and quarantined or due to immigration reasons.

-Or for shelter and protection during a time of crisis (people were forced to relocate against their will during Hurricane Katrina)

-Most often, many will not resist or even know what is going to happen to them; they may genuinely believe they will be safe.

-The most obvious signs that you are being taken to a death camp will be: Barbed wire electric fences pointing inward to keep people in, not out.

-They may tell you that you will need to get a shower to prevent the spread of illness or disease, at which point, you may be fatally gassed.

-Officers may try to comfort you and tell you that there is nothing to worry about. They will want to keep possible dissenters quiet, so as not to agitate others to rebel.

-They may attempt to give little reassurances, like telling you to remember the locker number you have after exiting the showers.

-Be prepared for the unexpected, as there is a chance that a respectable portion might not fall for the shower routine.

-Large numbers of military guards stationed around the facility.

-Prison facilities in the U.S. are becoming more and more privatized, and may not necessarily fall under the jurisdiction of federal law. People often overlook the fact that the U.S. is already the world’s leading jailor, especially for non-violent crimes.



Other Links of interest

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A list of President Obama’s executive orders.

The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

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